Global Humanitarian and Disaster Response

Global Humanitarian and Disaster Response

LifeStraw partners with humanitarian and disaster response organizations around the world to ensure access to safe water during humanitarian and natural disasters. LifeStraw is active in over 64 countries, making products available to a wide range of partners, and, whenever possible, providing on-the-ground training, education and support to both the implementing organizations and communities receiving the filters.

2020 Highlights

Puerto Rico Earthquake Response

On December 28, 2019, Puerto Rico was struck by an earthquake that sent dozens of panicked citizens into the streets. For weeks and months following, the southeastern corner of the island was hit by thousands of subsequent quakes, including a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that occurred on January 7, and six others of magnitude 5 or higher. The quakes have wreaked havoc on communities that are still recovering from the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, challenging both the integrity of the island’s infrastructure, as well as its overwhelmed disaster response. The earthquakes damaged and collapsed homes and schools, knocked out power lines and water supplies, and triggered landslides. They left over 300,000 people without water in their homes and thousands of families homeless. In response to the disaster, LifeStraw’s Social Impact Manager traveled to Puerto Rico with a team from the University of Rochester and the grassroots organization People 2 People 4 Puerto Rico, to deliver LifeStraw filters and other donated supplies to affected areas. The team delivered LifeStraw Family filters to families’ whose houses were clearly damaged, or were living under tarps aside their homes, trained the staff of a local university hospital on the use and maintenance of the LifeStraw Community purifier for them to bring along on their mobile outreach brigades to impacted communities, and delivered filters and other products to shelters and camps, to a makeshift school, and to a group of nuns to distribute to families in need. In total, LifeStraw distributed six LifeStraw Community and 120 LifeStraw Family purifiers to help make a small dent in the large need that Puerto Rico is facing. A recent report estimates that aftershocks from the earthquakes will persist for years to decades (although with decreasing frequency), and that earthquakes will be felt on a daily basis for months. If you want to help, donate to our Safe Water Fund, so we can continue providing support to the people of Puerto Rico and to future natural disasters.

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LifeStraw is active in over 64 countries, making product available to a wide group of partners seeking to provide access to safe water in communities in which they work. Whenever possible, LifeStraw seeks to provide on-the-ground training and education to partner organizations implementing programs with LifeStraw products. Our partnerships range from WHO and other UN organizations, to local governments to small non-profits operating at a village level.