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Boil Water Advisory in Texas

Boil Water Advisory in Texas

February 19, 21

Texas, we are with you.

As of Monday, February 22:

  • Approximately 8 million Texans remain under boil water advisory

  • 325 million gallons of water have been lost due to leaks from cracked & burst pipes.

LifeStraw Donations are on their way

LifeStraw is donating 3 shipments of water filters which are arriving in Texas specifically targeting shelters and organizations that support people experiencing homelessness.

LifeStraw's Safe Water Fund:

We will also continue to donate product and if you would like to support efforts to send more LifeStraw products to Texas, we also have a non-profit safe water fund that will be directed towards Texas. Note: all donations to this fund cover the cost of sending additional LifeStraws and the company does not profit from these donations.

Information if you are still under boil water advisory

If you are under boil water advisory, check out this resource:

If you already have a LifeStraw

If you already have a LifeStraw, all LifeStraw products do protect against bacteria and parasites. Learn more about how our products work.

To access LifeStraws or suggest donation sites:

If you are trying to access more LifeStraws or have additional suggestions of where we should send shipments or direct donations, please reach out to us at

We are also offering 50% off all products to Texans using the code: SUPPORTTEXAS good through 11:59pm EST on March 15, 2021.