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Five Stars: The LifeStraw Products Our Team Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Five Stars: The LifeStraw Products Our Team Just Can’t Get Enough Of

September 01, 22

When it comes to the best LifeStraw products out there, no one is more of an expert than our very own team members. They've tried, tested, dropped, and adventured with all of our products.

Wondering which LifeStraw products get five-star reviews from our staff? Read on for the best of the best.

LifeStraw Go Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle

Woman with LifeStraw Go

“Definitely my emotional support bottle. I love taking it on trips, filling it up on trails, having it on my bedside table, and just generally not ever having to worry about the quality of my water. I love the stainless steel one because I'm obsessed with cold water, and it keeps it nice and chilly for as long as I need.”

Jenny, Creative Lead

Man with great dane and LifeStraw Go

“Whether it’s the tap at my house, filling station at the airport, or river along a long hike, it's great knowing I'm getting clean and safe water. Super durable too for whenever I inevitably drop it!”

Joe, Finance Manager

“I get very thirsty at night and usually wake up a few times. The stainless steel bottle keeps the water cold, so being able to drink cold water half asleep in the middle of the night without having to walk to the kitchen is like a dream come true (pun totally intended)

Kim, Purchasing Specialist

Learn more: LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher

“The quality of our tap water became questionable, and we started having frequent complaints of stomachaches in our home, especially from the kids. I got my LifeStraw Home in 2019 and not only does it ensure that my family is protected from waterborne illnesses, but it is also stylish and a product I am proud to show off when I have company.”

Violet, Head of Global Give Back

woman pouring LifeStraw home for child

“LifeStraw Home helped my family overcome the serious water pollution in Hanoi in 2020. [It’s] still my most favorite product!”

Minh, Testing Coordinator

Learn more: LifeStraw Home

LifeStraw Peak Series Collapsible Squeeze Bottle

“I love that it’s lightweight, compact, durable and super cool looking!”

Alara, Sales Ops Coordinator

“I am doing tons of outdoor activities and each has it own constraints. What is important as a LifeStraw user is that you will be able to filter water, whatever the environment. Now with Peak line you can with one single filter.”

Mathieu, Product Design Manager

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LifeStraw Community Water Purifier

two people holding water next to a LifeStraw community

Having worked with LifeStraw in my community, I have come to love particularly the LifeStraw Community water Purifier. This purifier was designed with children in mind as it is child-friendly!”

Emmanuel, Give Back Program Area Coordinator

Learn more: LifeStraw Community

LifeStraw Max High-Flow Water Purifier

“Max is the most compact, sustainable high-capacity water purifier with negligible wastage of water & no need for electricity or chemicals. This is truly a game changer in the field of WASH & has a potential to impact millions of people in underserved communities each year.”

Saurabh, Head of International Sales
New Delhi

Learn more: LifeStraw Max


LifeStraw Home Glass Pitcher LifeStraw Home Glass Pitcher
LifeStraw Home Glass Pitcher
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